Sometimes It Takes Awhile

My mom used to always say, "Timing is everything!"  Whether it was that relationship that didn't work out or that job I didn't get.  It just wasn't the right time.  As I get older I find myself often thinking, "I have to admit, my mom was right about pretty much everything," (the teenager in me just rolled my eyes, lol).

The other bit of advice that I have fought against kicking and screaming is, "you can do it all, but not all at once."  Really?  Just watch me!  And by watching me, I mean watch me be completely stressed and hide under the covers because it is TOO MUCH!  So yes, I am reluctantly learning that some things have to wait depending on where you are in life.

Where I am in life is still very busy with 4 kids, 3 dogs, a house in the country that needs a lot of work.  I coach High School basketball, I am an artist and a photographer.  But my kids are a little bit older now so the days of potty training and sleepless nights are over.  They still need me, at least that's what I tell them, but it is, well, different.

As the pain sets in with the realization that I have to let them go sooner than I would like, I decided it was time to focus a little more on me.  The choices came down to chocolate, wine, coffee, and art so I figured, what the heck, all of the above!!  But mostly, art.

Art has been the greatest healer in my life.  I started during high school when the art room became my hiding place from the outside world filled with teenage angst.  It resurfaced when I lost my best friend to suicide.  Art was my companion when I spent 3 weeks in Georgia (in a haunted hotel, true story!) waiting for my daughter to be born and getting to know her brave and selfless birthmom.  I use art to journal when I'm worried about my kids.  I paint the beautiful meadow that surrounds our new home and brings me peace in the early morning as I sip my coffee and let my mind wander.

My hope and dream has always been to share my art with others.  I have been waiting for a very long time to pursue my art business, but like my mom says, "timing is everything!"

I hope you follow along as I share my art and my life with you.  Both are a bit wild and chaotic at times, but I like to think that is what keeps it interesting.

Thank you for being here.


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